2 New programs available Now

I am so excited to be able to bring you  this year’s virtual Banff Film festival.  This is the 45th showing of the festival.  I thought this year’s films were as good or better than ever and will bring adventures from around the world into our homes. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming virtual festival:

There are now four programs available for your viewing pleasure. Ruby and Sapphire are the new programs, they became available Feb 10th:  

Tickets are available at: https://filmfest.banffcentre.ca/?campaign=WT-152515

One program will be $15 with a 3-day watch period from when you first click play and a two programs package will be $28 with 14 days to watch the films.    

You may view the programs multiple times during the viewing period and the viewing period starts when you hit play the first time

The programs are streamable only and may not be downloaded. You can use Chromecast on your smart TV if that’s within your technical abilities, however, I found hooking my Laptop up to my TV with an HDMI cable was very easy.


To prepare:

Bookmark this link for tickets: https://filmfest.banffcentre.ca/?campaign=WT-152515

We hope to be back on the road touring the films next fall

Thanks so much for your support, stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful thanksgiving

enjoy the films.


Watch the new trailer