Films 2018/19

This is a list of our one and two night programs for Vancouver, WA. Tempe AZ. Cleveland, OH. Chicago, IL. Films may include coarse language or nudity.

One Night Program- Tempe AZ.

Far Out – Kai Jones (5 min.)

Grizzly Country (12 min.)

Viacroxis (11 min.)

This Mountain Life (39 min.)


Skier Vs. Drone (4 min.)

Fast Horse (14 min.)

Reel Rock 12: Break on Through (26 min.)

Choices (2 min.)

The Frenchy (13 min.)


Two Night Program: Night one

(Vancouver, Cleveland, Chicago)

Skier Vs Drone   (4 min.)

Fast Horse     (14 min.)

Viacruxis      (11 min.)

This Mountain Life       (39 min.)


For the Love of Mary      (6 min.)

Dream Ride 3       (6 min.)

Land of the Wind     (18 min.)

The Mirnavator    (12 min.)

Far Out: Kai Jones    (5 min.)

Night Two

Rogue Elements: Corbet’s Couloir    (4 min.)

Boy Nomad   (21 min.)

Surface  (7 min.)

Choices      (3 min.)

The Passage    (25 min.)


Brotherhood of Skiing       (10 min.)

Grizzly Country  (12 min.)

Break on Through   (26 min.)

The Frenchy   (13 min.)