Films 2019/2020

Here’s a list of the films for our two night programs. Note that Banff is licensing additional film and they may be added or substituted into these programs moving forward. Films may include coarse language or nudity.


Charge 5 min

Opening the earth; potato king 13min

Camel Finds Water 9min

The Motivator 5min

Into the Canyon 45min

Intermission 15min

Siblings 5 min

The Imaginary Line 11 min

The Ladakh Project 20min

Gone Tomorrow – Kentucky Ice Climbing 20min

Danny Daycare 4min


The Flip 3min

Eli 6min

RR14: The High Road  18min

Surfer Dan 8min

Spectre: Antarctica Expedition  36min

Intermission 15min

Danny Daycare 4min

The Long River Home 20min

A Nordic Skater  5min

Good Morning  4min

Life of Pie 12min

Hors Piste 6 min

Chattanooga Film Line Up

Charge – 5 min

Ladakh Project – 14 min 

Safe Haven – 8 min

Into The Canyon – 45 

(72 min) Intermission

Hors Piste – 6 min

Reel Rock 14 – The High Road – 18 min

Surfer Dan – 8 min

Gone Tomorrow – KY Ice Climbing – 20 min

Danny Daycare – 4 min

(56 min)  Total – 128 min, = 2 hours, 8 minutes